Why Chemical Free Tampons?

  • Because we don’t want toxic chemicals like dioxin, chlorine bleach, synthetic fibers, dyes, or fragrance going into one of the most sensitive spots in our bodies.
  • What is glyphosate? Oh…it’s an active ingredient in weed killer. Why are we putting that in our tampons?
  • Did you know that 5 out of 11 of the “other” tampons out there tested positive for insecticides and dioxins?
  • We are sure you are wondering what are f***ing dioxins? Hmmm…the World Health Organization says that dioxin is a byproduct of the highly toxic bleaching process. It has been found to cause cancer, reproductive problems, and even damaging the immune system… Awesome!

How it Works

Kali ships chemical-free, organic feminine hygiene products conveniently to your door by the first of every month.  Options for every lifestyle.  Organic menstrual pads and 100% cotton tampons. Stay Dry and Safe.


Select Frequency

Monthly or Bimonthly

Because every woman’s period is different, Kali offers the option to receive a period box monthly or every other month to meet your needs.


Choose Your Period Box

Organic Tampons or Pads

Kali is pleased to offer you two amazing options: the convenient Tampons Only Box and our exclusive Luxury Box for the woman in need of a little extra pampering .


Choose Absorbency

An Option for Everyone

Our chemical free tampons are available in: All Regular, All Super, or Half & Half.  While our pads only come in one variety, they will cover you both day and night.  Need to adjust your absorbency?  No problem.  You can change at any time.

Kali Organic Tampons

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