Why People Love Kali

Uterus-owners everywhere seem to still prefer tampons over other products, and these little tampons from Kali are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Your vajay is gonna love it. It’s also going to love the fact that the Kali box arrives with individually wrapped wipettes that keep your lady bits clean, and a mist that keeps things fresh! Literally, the mist smells like a rose garden.

– Danielle Brufoldt, BeautyBets

Tampons are just the beginning, my friends. In every Kali box, you receive 14 tampons, natural Kali wipes, and the product of the month. In my box, that product was the Mist, which is a rosewater facial toner and spray to balance out the pH levels of your skin. Let me tell you – it smells divine.

– Gina Florio, HelloGiggles.com

It’s not often that women’s hygiene products and hormone-related health concerns are linked together, but two Fort Lauderdale women are helping bridge the gap.

– Christian Portilla, The Miami Herald

The $19.95 per month subscription service not only comes with 100% organic and biodegradable tampons, but also comes with pre-moistened towelettes (made with organic cotton) and a hydrating rosewater toner and aromatherapy spray for serious freshening up.

– Rachel Lapidos, Well + Good

Kali is a subscription box of feminine-hygiene products (tampons, “wipettes”, and a pampering product, like a rose-water facial mist) that launched in 2016 and – we know this sounds like an oxymoron – they’re the chicest tampons ever.

– Kristie Dash, Allure

When was the last time you got excited for anything related to your period? Probably never. Our periods aren’t always easy, which is exactly why we deserve a little extra glamour to get us through the cramps and mood swings. You never know – those pretty white boxes might actually make you look forward to your period.

– Gina Florio, Bustle

As a young woman, I take feminine hygiene extremely serious and am disgusted by the way tampons can be riddled with chemicals and sold to women all over the world. Kali Boxes saved me and will save you too! These tampons are extremely absorbent and I now go leek free for the duration of my periods. I didn’t even think twice about the cardboard applicator because it worked seamlessly and comfortably.

– Lillian, Better World Lifestyle

This is a MUST HAVE for any & every girl on a quest to lead a healthy life. Kali Boxes offers a monthly subscription box that is delivered right to your door (say bye bye to awkward moments in the check out lane when you’re trying to buy tampons & you’ve got an immature dude checking you out lol) which includes organic tampons & goodies to help you get through that glorious time of the month. Plus, how cute is the box?

– Shayla, NamastShay

Kali boxes are one of the new revolutionary period products hitting the market. And I love them.

– Emily, Yankee Smartass

Kali makes it easy to be kind to yourself and to others, which is why we define the monthly subscription service as Trustworthy and Worthyapproved.

– Julia, Worthy Magazine

Kali is the menstruation holy grail for millennials. And to make my insides feel a ton better, $1 of each Kali box sold will be donated to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s Adolescent Girl Campaign. So go ahead and join the Kali revolution. Because I have.

– Lynn, Neckbreakin’ Style

I’m grateful for everything in my Kali box because now I truly have a conscious period. Comfortable tampons along with the refreshing wipes, it’s definitely a much more pleasant experience for my “moontime.” The rosewater spray is my favorite personal item right now! I feel most confident when I’m fresh and clean.

– Chelsea, #HappyPeriod

Why People Love Kali

As someone with endometriosis, I was completely crushed when I learned years ago that my tampons could very well be to blame. So, like with most everything else I put in and on my body, I switched to organic. Kali Boxes just upgraded my organic tampon experience.

– Mari, The Goofy Mermaid

I’m very happy to have discovered @kaliboxes! #Kali is a company that delivers high-quality and #toxinfree #organic cotton tampons in a beautiful box. To make those days of the month better, they also include a surprise relaxing treat (in this case a rosewater spray and toner).

– @newyorkforbeginners

As if getting this gorgeous box to your doorstep every month isn’t enough, $1 from your purchase of a Kali Box goes to Girl Up. It’s about time we as women are not only given the opportunity to nurture ourselves with something special each month, but to pay it forward and help our younger generations while doing so. Beautiful, organic, & socially conscious. I simply do not have enough good things to say about Kali!

– Ashleah, Conscious Collective

Ladies, lets be real here. Periods suck – the cramps, the moodiness, fatigue, body aches… It’s something I don’t look forward to every month. But what if I told you your period can actually make you feel GOOD? That’s where Kali Boxes come in. You need to buy feminine supplies anyway, so why not let #KaliBoxes bring them to you every month? All of their feminine products are certified organic and biodegradable. month better, they also include a surprise relaxing treat (in this case a rosewater spray and toner).

– @ecochicbeauty

Was recently sent a package from @kaliboxes and thought it was too good not to share! Kali sells #organic, #biodegradable feminine hygiene products that do wonders for your body and the environment.

– @taylor.rockwell

I’m #obsessed with @kaliboxes – for a few reasons! 1.) the tampons are organic; 2.) they are delivered to your door each month;3.) the mist literally sprays the Meh away.

– @StuffILoveBlog

Kali Boxes is the best subscription box for that special time of the month. It comes in a sleek, simple design that doesn’t scream ‘I’M FULL OF TAMPONS!’ from the outside (perfect for us girls living with male housemates!!). The box comes packed with everything you might need, from tampons to liners to hygienic wipes, and even a little extra surprise. I love Kali Boxes because they are fun and sophisticated!

– Alaina Jean, Customer

My favorite thing about getting my Kali box is the wipes! I love being able to use them to cleanse between my work meetings. Overall, I love Kali! I recommend it all the time.

– Romina Economos, Customer

Kali Boxes is the best you guys! Not only their tampons are certified organic, bio-degradable, chlorine & pesticide free but they also donate $1 to @girlupcampaign for every box sold.

– @artsyagnes

Conventional tampons are bleached with Chlorine, which leads to a toxic byproduct called Dioxin. Even products made from recycled “natural” cotton can contain chlorine and even pesticides – be very careful of misleading labels! Pesticides and Dioxin in feminine products have been linked to infertility, hormonal imbalance, cancer, and Endometriosis. The only label I trust when it comes to my lady parts is simple: ORGANIC. I, personally, subscribe to Kali for a slew of reasons.

– @bareboston

Like most women, I’ve been using tampons most of my adult life. I have tried many brands of tampons and pads over the last 20 years. I came across Kali online and contacted them. They sent me samples of their pads and tampons. I tried them out and fell in love! They are so comfortable, easy to use, and held up extremely well during my heavy flow days with no accidents. The best part? They are organic, free of pesticides, and other harmful toxins and are delivered right to your door! I no longer have to worry about running out of tampons or making an extra trip to the store because I forgot to pick up tampons while shopping. I love this product and look forward to being apart of the Kali Family

– Kristie C. Whisler, Customer

I love the Kali products and everything the company stands for. The company is organic and empowers women making it a no-brainer for me to support them. The products are great quality, organic, and I love the surprise monthly gift. My girls and I loved the nail polish the best! I wish more companies would give back! I will be a Kali Girl for life! #GiveBack #GirlPower #GirlUp

– Hanna Traft, Customer

The Kali wipettes are perfect for when you’re on the go and need a quick refresher; same with the Kali Mist! I legitimately look forward to when my Kali Box comes in each month and no longer dread my period. I can finally feel good about my tampons and the company that produces them. Good for me & good for the Earth, I’m in love!

– Lillian, Better World Lifestyle

I love getting my Kali box every month because I get a product that’s better for the environment and better for my body! Plus, it’s always fun to be surprised with my little pampering product. I would definitely recommend Kali! 

– Rose Estes, Customer

I learned about Kali online in an article in New Times Broward – Palm Beach.  I was impressed with their organic products and signed up on the spot and, as a small business owner in South Florida, I like to support other local businesses. I always seemed to be running out of tampons so this was the perfect solution for me. I was also always more fond of the cardboard applicators rather than plastic for both comfort and obvious environmental reasons.  The fact that the products are organic is also very appealing.  I love the little gifts I get in my Kali boxes as well.   As an added bonus, the boxes themselves can be used for drawer organizers just cut off the top! I’m a big fan of Kali boxes.  I have recommended them to everyone I know!

– Nikki Zembal, Customer

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