Kali Lux Glow Kit


Kali Lux Glow Kit


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For the days you need a little extra glow, the Kali Lux Glow Kit is here for you. It includes: 1 all natural sheet mask and 2 packs of revitalizing under-eye treatments for tired eyes. This Lux Glow Kit will have you feeling refreshed in minutes. Face Masks are from: Orgaid or Beautaniq Beauty. Eye Gels are from: Honest Hazel or Grace & Stella Co.

Ingredients. Plant Based Skincare. No parabens, PEGS, or phthalates. No sulphates. 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan. Created for sensitive skin.

Don't worry if you need a few more tampons or pads, you can add 5 more for free. Email us for details at hi@kaliboxes.

FDA 510(k) cleared
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