Curb Your PMS Cravings

Look, I’m all about eating right and staying healthy, but this is quite extreme, for my taste. This new weight-loss strategy takes dieting to a whole new level. The device above is called Pavlock, and for $199, it could be all yours….

The device fits around your wrist like a watch or bracelet, but it actually shocks you — anywhere from 50 volts to 450 volts — when it detects certain behaviors, such as eating too many sweets. It’s a form of aversion therapy, and it’s supposed to train your brain to avoid the things you want it to avoid (which can also be something like nail biting or another OCD). 

In this case, it’s being used for weight-loss, by zapping the crap out of you if you reach for that morning muffin in the office kitchen.   While this may sound appealing to some, keep in mind that the average FitBit costs less and has more potential to encourage you to incorporate a fitness routine into your lifestyle. There’s currently a large-scale study being conducted, but all we really have to go off at this point are testimonials.

If you need something that helps you stay away from sweets or junk food, then perhaps this is the device for you! Doesn't sound like much fun at all... But if it helps you eat well, then it can't hurt.