Making the Monthly Menses Better

Every month women throughout the U.S. suffer through the same ailment, and each one can relate to the seven-plus days of misery. This suffering has been called numerous things but it is best known as menstruation. Each month women spend a vast amount of money on products required to get them through their menses. Products such as tampons, pads, panty liners, chocolate, pain relievers, salty snacks, sweets, and other things.

However, every year there are new cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome being reported from the use of tampons. Regular tampons are made with toxic chemicals like dioxin, fragrance, dyes, chlorine bleach, and synthetic fibers. These chemicals are all rolled into a cotton tube-like thing and being inserted into one of the most sensitive spots of a woman’s body. Those chemicals are reacting with the females own natural chemicals.
Organic tampons do not have any of those toxic chemicals. They are made from 100 percent organic cotton that is tightly interlocked cotton fibers. Organic tampons may cost more but when you take into account that your health is being safeguarded from the dangerous toxins, the extra cost is well worth it.

Nowadays you can also order what is called a “Period Box”. These boxes help in making your monthly period a little better. In these boxes, a woman can get tampons, sanitary pads, chocolate, popcorn, pain relievers, hair ties, Mardi gras beads, herbal teas, portal heating pads, and so much more. It all depends on what box you choose and what price range you wish to pay. For a monthly price or subscription, there are numerous options to choose from. You can also pick when you want the box to be delivered, whether it be at the first of every month, at the start of your monthly cycle, or twice a month.

A popular period box is Kali. Kali offers women chemical free tampons and pads. Kali offers many natural organic feminine essentials and will deliver them to your door every month. Each subscription box contains: 14 100% organic cotton tampons or 16 100% percent organic cotton pads, 10 wipettes, 10 thong panty liners, and one personal pampering product (examples are rosewater facial mist or lavender infused bath salt). There are options for regular absorbency, super, or ½ regular and ½ super tampons.

This company also dedicates that for every box sold, they will donate sanitary products to homeless shelters throughout the U.S. They feel that we as a collective group need to band together to help women less fortunate than ourselves. Now when Aunt Flo comes to visit us, it is a little less scary and much more pleasant.

KaliMaking the Monthly Menses Better
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Best Period Food for PMS

Many women suffer from PMS, premenstrual syndrome. PMS is the combination of emotional and physical changes that occur before a woman has her period. PMS symptoms kick in before a woman’s period begins and leaves during a woman’s period. PMS can be uncomfortable and at times, painful.

However, there are certain foods that fight PMS such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Even though high fiber foods fill you up, they ease bloating. Grilled salmon and Chia seeds ease PMS symptoms. They are known to boost your mood and may also act as an antidepressant. Dark chocolate is also effective in fighting PMS and tastes great.

In addition, many women find that they have trouble sleeping right before their period. Lack of sleep often makes some women more susceptible to cramps. However, many women have found relief from cramps by eating bananas. Bananas contain melatonin, a hormone that is released at night and helps regulate the body’s natural rhythms.

Some women have headaches before or during their period; however, magnesium can lessen the headaches. Organic tampons are made with organic cotton and they are free of chemical dyes or fragrances. In addition, 100 percent cotton tampons safer to use and are comfortable. Kaliboxes are subscription organic feminine care boxes that include towelettes, tampons and other body pampering products.

Magnesium can relax blood vessels, which may lessen a headache. One nutrient that can help is baked pumpkins seeds. As many women know, PMS cravings can pack on unwanted pounds; however, there are nutritional tips that may help such as starting off the day with a diet that is rich in protein and healthy fats such as a great tasting omelet. In addition, add more fruits, grains and veggies to your diet. They provide relief to bloating and pain.

Because sleep can be elusive during PMS, there are several tips that may help such as exercise. Exercise fights emotional as well as physical PMS symptoms. Choose an exercise routine that gets your heart rate going and one that you enjoy. Brisk walking or a vigorous aerobic activity, twice a week, will help beat the blues, cut back on calories and ease the symptoms of PMS.

Most importantly, for breast tenderness, cramping and other discomforts, pain relievers such as Advil and Aleve can provide some relief. Also, you may want talk with your doctor about antidepressants. Antidepressants can be especially helpful if your mood problems are severe and are affecting your daily routine. Kali boxes is an organic period subscription hygiene product.

To conclude, PMS can be a nightmare; however, there are certain foods that can fight and in some cases, relieve the symptoms of PMS. Talk with your doctor soon and talk with him or her on how to fight and beat PMS! Find out about period box and how it can organize your personal and discreet needs.

KaliBest Period Food for PMS
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What are Organic Tampons Made of? Kali Knows.

Kali is a company that delivers feminine products conveniently to your doorstep. After the first order, they will deliver again by the first of each month ensuring you have exactly what you need when you need it. Their fantastic idea is called Kaliboxes. What can you expect to find in your Kalibox Period Box? What’s in your organic tampons and pads anyway? Let’s find out.

Kali offers organic, 100 percent cotton tampons and pads that are biodegradable and completely chemical free. This includes the cardboard applicator and pantyliners. Zero chemicals, synthetics or dyes are used. Their assortment of Kaliboxes makes it easy to get exactly what you need without ever running out of feminine products again.

All Kalibox products are hypoallergenic and certified to be made with 100 percent organic cotton. You choose 100 percent cotton tampons or pads, wipettes, thong panty liners, and a relaxing pampering product. You can customize your period box order by choosing any of the six Kalibox arrangements. This includes your choice of frequency in the delivery schedule and absorbency of your chosen organic cotton tampons or pads. Kali orders have no long-term commitments plus you’ll receive free delivery and the option to adjust or revise your order at any time.

Kali’s additional pampering products are just that, pampering. The Kali facial mist is made with hydrating and refreshing rosewater. Another great pampering product is their Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub and Exfoliator guaranteed to be sulfate and paraben free. However, it is recommended to avoid using the sugar scrub exfoliator on your face as this area of skin is more sensitive. They also carry Lavender Infused Bath Salts made with organic ingredients to carry away your stressful day. Enjoy a calming and hydrating experience with the Essential Oil Blend. The oil blend is made to use around your eyes, on your face, hands, and feet.

Once your choices are made and you’ve created your own special box full of all your personalized, just for you products, Kali will continue to ship these essentials to your doorstep each month. Conveniently you can pause your orders or cancel at any time. There is no commitment to be made whatsoever.

Using biodegradable products helps the environment. Since the tampons, pads, pantyliners, and wipettes are made with 100 organic cotton without chemicals, dyes or synthetics, you can rest your mind knowing that these products are safe and clean to use every month. Sign up for the Kali Periodical to learn more and stay in touch.

KaliWhat are Organic Tampons Made of? Kali Knows.
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How Much Are Organic Tampons When You Search For Them?

There are a lot of organic tampons that you can use, and you are going to be sure that you are going to get the period box that is going to make your life better. You need to be sure that you have found out that the Kaliboxes are going to come right to your house, and you should be sure that you have the 100 organic cotton tampons, and you will start to feel like you have done the right thing.

There are a lot of people who are going to want to make sure that they can get the right things that will help them feel better, and they should be sure that they have them in the house when you know that your period is coming up. Your life is going to get simpler because you have invested the time in something that will help you be sure that you have found out that you can get something that will help you save money. You also need to get these boxes on the automatic shipment so that they will come in whenever you really want. You get to have a good time with these, and you can set the box on your vanity.

You will have all the products that you need for your health in the box when they come in, and they are much cheaper because you get that bulk discount. The cotton tampons that you are using will be much better fo thr environment, and they will be cheaper because these are very good rolled cotton tampons that will make it easier for you to use.

100 percent cotton tampons are going to help you be sure that you have all the things you need, and you can pull these items out of the box at any time. It is so much easier for you to be sure that you are going to have the things that you need. You get to have a good time when you are making the right choices, and you can get the products that are not hard to use. They are so much easier on you, and they will keep you happy because you do not have to spend all your time worrying about how it is going to feel. That is why you have to use cotton tampons because they are betting on your body.

You should be sure that you have found out what you will be able to do for your body, and you can get something that is going to help you feel much better about how you will care for your body. Your whole body is going to feel better because you are using much softer feminine hygiene products, and these boxes all come with the things you need. You save a ton of money, and you avoid the problems that some people have because they are irritated by the tampons they use. You never want to have that problem when on your period.

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Organic Tampons on the Rise

Ladies, there seem to be a debate about organic verses conventional tampons. Some experts state that the conventional tampons are just as safe and are regulated by the government. Conventional tampons are said to be bleached to get their white color.

Organic tampons are made with 100 percent organic cotton. One hundred percent organic cotton means it is made without pesticides and insecticides. The tampons are free of chemical dyes and fragrances. There are many benefits to all cotton tampons:
1. Better for your body
2. Better for your environment

There are many all cotton tampons on the market.

There are 100 percent cotton tampons, meaning:
1. Plastic free
2. Rayon free
3. Chlorine free
4. No wood pulp (used in making paper or rayon)
5. Plant based applicator
All of the non chemical companies are certified. Some companies claim that their tampons are biodegradable and compostable (not causing harm to the environment). The all cotton tampon eliminate the risk of fiber shedding. The tampon string is all cotton and the applicator is biodegradable.

Kali is a tampon company that delivers through the mail. Kali’s mission is to team up with other tampon companies, so that women will be aware of the benefits of organic tampons. Every Kali box that is sold, one dollar goes to the organization “Girl Up”. The Girl Up organization donate sanitary products to homeless women. Each female choose which box that they want, and Kali will deliver it. The Kali box includes:
1. Tampons or pads
2. Wipes
3. Thong panty liners
4. Personal product

A period box is a home delivery service. Each month your tampon supplies are delivered to you. There are many Companies to choose from. Below are some of the goodies you will receive in your box.
1. Tampons or pads
2. Wipettes
3. Liners
4. Relaxing product
5. Kit for first time users

It appears to be that conventional tampons are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and all conventional feminine products are not allowed to use toxic chemicals. The FDA does not require mandatory guidelines and the tampon companies do not have to disclose what is in the product. Some researchers state the only difference between organic and conventional tampons is the price.

Ladies it is up to you to decide which type of tampon is best for you. Most companies gives you free samples to try. Research and decide what is best for your body.

KaliOrganic Tampons on the Rise
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Are Organic Tampons Safer for Women To Use?

Organic tampons are very safe for women to use because they do not have any of the chemical or the synthetic fibers that are actually pretty bad for your body. You want to use 100 percent cotton tampons because they will make it so that you can have a much better experience during your period, and you will feel like you have made a choice that will be good for you when the period box shows up. You can get Kaliboxes right now, and you will save a ton of time in the meantime. You will also save money and you will have everything show up to your house so that you have the exact right amount of products to use.

There are a lot of women who are going to not want to buy the things they need because it is such a hassle, and all these boxes make it so much easier for women to get the things that they need so that they can have a nice period and feel better about their bodies and have a clear head. It is very hard to get through your period when you do not have something that is comfortable, and you will run into problems that people have never had before if you are trying to use the wrong things to care for your body. You also need to be sure that you have figured out what can be done to be sure that you can get something that is going to help you make sure that you can get to the tools you need fast.

You have to be sure that you have really thought about ordering in advance, and then you can set up the recurring order that will make it a lot easier for you to get the box in the mail when you need it. The cotton that is used to make these tampons is very soft on your skin, and it will feel so much better than anything else that you have used in the past. You will get what you need out of the box, and then you can make a life change that sees you only using cotton because it is so much better for the planet.

You should also be sure that you have figured out what will happen when you are trying to get a box that is the right size for you. You can order something that you know will work for you, and you will be sure that it shows up with all the things that you need. You can get all the things that you want, and you will avoid all the problems that you would have had otherwise. You can get some of these things sent in the mail, and you can even have them sent to you many houses or places where you stay. You need a box with organic cotton tampons because they are so good for your body when you start using them daily.

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How To Make Organic Tampons

Organic tampons are a very important part of how women can stay healthy, and they will make it so that a woman can always be healthy and get through her period with as little trouble as possible. They period box is going to be perfect for women, and there are a lot of Kaliboxes that will come to the house when women are ready.

100 percent cotton tampons are made from rolled cotton that is much safer to use and not nearly as irritating to your skin. There are a lot of people who are going to want to be sure that they can get the things that they need so that they will be ready for their period. There are a lot of people who are going to want to be sure that they can get the tampons in before their period, and that is why they are going to want to order in advance.

There are a lot of nice soft tampons in the box because they are made of cotton that feels so good. This is so much better than what people have been using in the past, and it is going to help them make sure that they can get something that is going to help them feel better about their period. The woman who has this box can just dig in the box when they need, and it is all put together. This is a much better way for women to feel good about their bodies, and it can help them be sure that they are going to get what they need.

There are a lot of things that could happen during a period, and women have to be ready. That is why they need to start reading up on these boxes and order them. The boxes are going to be easy to use, and they will be given all the things that make a period easier to get through. You can get them for light periods, or you can get a box that is for heavy periods. You also have to be sure that you have found out what is going to help you make sure that you have what is going to work best for you. You know that you have to take these steps if you are going to have a nice time getting through your period, and you want to have a box that is going to travel with you. The box is perfect for you, and it is going to help you remember that you can get something that will be easy to manage.

You can avoid all the chaffing and irritation that you have had in the past with those synthetic tampons that you have been using. You should not have to worry about the fact that you are going to be chaffed or rubbed the wrong way, and that is why you should try these boxes because they get shipped to you with all the soft cotton tampons that you need.

KaliHow To Make Organic Tampons
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Organic Verses Non-Organic Tampons

What’s the difference?

Non-organic tampons contain regular cotton grown with pesticides, and also have synthetic rayon mixture that has been bleached and turned white by chlorine. Chemical fragrances and dyes have also been used. Rayon is used for absorption while the fragrance is for obvious purposes. Tampons that are not organic also contain an applicator made of pearly plastic that is smooth for comfort during insertion.

Tampons that are organic are made using organic cotton that is grown without pesticide, has no fragrance and is chemical dye free. The applicator in tampons that are organic is made of biodegradable material. They are thus 100 percent cotton tampons. Each organic period box has its own way of manufacturing their organic tampon product i.e. Seventh Generation uses a cardboard that is biodegradable. You can check for organic certifications through Quality assurance international and Global organic textile standard.

About Chemicals contained in Regular Tampons

The FDA regulates tampons as medical devices thus absorbency levels in organic and the non-organic tampons are regular. The regulations put by the FDA on packaging also helps manage Toxic shock syndrome. The chlorine used to bleach non-organic tampons contains dioxin, an Endocrine disruptor linked to diseases like cancer and endometriosis. The smooth plastic used in non-organic tampons also contains another endocrine disruptor called phthalates that have health hazard links. The effects of these chemicals are not immediate but can be said to have a cumulative effect, if used over a long period of time. A woman is said to averagely use about 11000 tampons during her lifetime. A decrease in constant exposure is thus advised.

Allergic reactions can also be due to the fragrance and also the chemicals used in a regular tampon. This allergic reaction can be in the form vulvitis. Vulvitis causes the vulva to experience an itchy and burning irritation.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

This syndrome is a rare bacterial condition linked to some types of absorbency tampons. Manufacturers stopped production of these super-absorbers and it is also why instructions on period boxes appear as they are written. This was a bid by the FDA to prevent a recurrence of the toxic syndrome. As long as brands stick to regulations and consumers follow proper tampon usage guidelines, the risk of the toxic syndrome is minimized in both organic and non-organic tampons. The risk currently stands at 1 for every 100,000 tampon users.

Availability and Disposal of Organic Tampons

Tampons that are organic are currently available online in sites like Kaliboxes, which only deals with organic tampon brands. These tampons are a bit more expensive. Regular tampons (a box of 40 plus applicator) go for roughly $10 a box at Walmart while a box of a tampon that is organic (16 plus applicator) costs $6.99 or $0.44 a piece, compared to the $0.25 a piece or non- organic tampons.Tampons that are organic, like all tampons, should be disposed of using a landfill system. In as much as they are biodegradable, they will pose a health biohazard and spread disease if left to biodegrade naturally in say, a compost pit.Organic or non-organic, that is now up to you.

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What Comes in Your First Period Starter Kit

Period Starter Kit

Kali tribe first believes in having high quality tampons. Our tampons are made from cotton and do not contain any chemical compound such as dioxin, which is mostly found in other tampons. Dioxin is a toxic compound found in pesticides, and when mixed with other chemical compounds such as bleaching agents, it becomes poisonous.

Things you will need for your first period kit are as follows:

-Kali Organic Pantyliners or Organic Pads
-Spare Underwear
-Bags for used items
-Motrin (check with your OBGYN before taken)

First Period Tampon Kit tips

Tampon requires knowledge on how to insert it and how to remove it without causing damage to other parts. When inserting the tampon, it is advisable to ensure that the string remains outside for easy removal. Knowing your absorbency rating helps in choosing the best tampon for use.

Helpful Links You Can Always Count On

Other than this, get period tips from so that you evade any menstrual complications when using a tampon. When you get confused, don’t worry, get online and look for period starter tips from The tips are simple to follow to ensure that your menstrual flow gets duly absorbed.

Period Kits That Are Safe

Kali is dedicated to ensuring to ensuring satisfaction by offering two options that include tampon only box and luxury box. The luxury Kali boxes include tampon bundle and Kali pads for ladies who require an extra pampering.

Kali products never disappoint and remain to be the best in the market. The fact that they produce 100% organic tampons depict their commitment to having you staying safe and comfortable during your menstrual period. Kali ensures affordability and a guarantee to serve you whenever and wherever. Tampon should reduce the hassles of getting the pads, and that cannot happen if they become sources of malignant diseases. With Kali cotton tampons, you’ll never be disappointed.

Subscribe to Our Monthly subscription box

Due to the difference in menstrual needs, Kali Box has a monthly subscription plan, which they deliver to your doorstep on a monthly basis.


Step 1. Choose How Often You Want Them Delivered

Step 2. Choose Your Type Of Box. Luxury or Standard Options.

Step 3. Check out and wait for our amazing lovely wonderful products that thousands love:)

The tampon subscriptions box gets delivered before the first day of the month and contains a bundle of tampon to last a month.  The amount of flow is used to determine the tampon absorbency rate ensuring that the tampon doesn’t leak. The Kali Box organic tampon is easy to use and easy to dispose of as it is decomposable. The tampon subscriptions box arrives on time and is the best way to be prepared for a menstruation period. Over the years, tampon has been widely used by women to control menstrual flow. However, there have been health issues concerning the use of an inorganic tampon. The tampon made from chemical compounds interfere with the menstrual system complicating it or causing other diseases such as cancer or increasing the flow rate. Luckily, ladies have got a reason to smile as Kali have come up with 100% organic tampon, which is safe and affordable. With Kali’s organic tampon, your hygiene becomes a priority ensuring you stay comfortable, dry, and secure during your menstruation period. Subsequent use of these chemical components puts the user in danger and ladies should distance themselves from such tampon. To provide an alternative, Kali Box has been committed and dedicated to producing chemical-free tampon, which has been tested and approved to be safe for menstrual use.

What’s in Kali monthly subscriptions box
At times, ladies fail to remember their menstrual dates and forget to carry a tampon with them. Due to inconsistencies, they miscalculate their menstrual days and confuse. You don’t have to worry as Kali monthly subscription box comes with a period caluclator, which assists in keeping you informed on when your next menstrual period will be. With the period caluclator at hand, it enables you to be prepared beforehand and set with the tampon boxes to last you through the menstrual period.


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5 Main Period Tips and Advice

That time of the month can be a burden to most women who have not realized the importance of simplicity when choosing the right tampons. Tampons can be a make or break decision for you as far as comfort and quality. In some scenarios a woman can have irregular periods making it a necessity to plan out their cycle in order to have the least amount of issues whether it be a simple tampon subscription, tuning in to a period blog or tampon blog for advice and helpful suggestions, or even to resolve all your tampon concerns.

From ordering monthly tampon boxes to organic tampons or even choosing your very own customized period box with all the necessities for that sensitive time, Kali is where you can find the best items. Specifications such as frequency, customization and absorbency are all preferences you can manage with the click of your mouse at Kali. There’s no excuse not get your period in order to free up time to focus on things of more importance in your life. Kali is here to provide you the peace of mind and the ease to make your time of the month a time less stressful. There have been nothing but positive feedback and referrals due to the success and satisfaction of each client. Ask questions about

Kali not only educates women about the importance of having a period under control, but also informs women of the harmful chemicals that can enter your body by choosing the wrong product for your cycle. With every order women can feel comfortable and reassured that the chemicals and materials used to create our products at are going to be those of the highest quality along with every precaution taken to guarantee a healthy experience. One thing that sets Kali apart from other companies is the amount of care we put into the whole process. Each one of the Kali products are free of parabens and sulfates and are tested time and time again to guarantee a happy customer. Menstrual health is important.

The organic process is something used heavily whenever possible. Using organic products makes it clear that we have your best interest in mind when it comes to chemicals and items entering the body. Believe it or not many companies don’t spend enough time research and understanding the effects of the chemicals they use to develop their product. We make sure that we clearly know the harms and benefits from the jump so you can be sure you’re dealing with quality.

Bottom line when it comes to that time of the month there’s no room to take a bad experience lightly. Kali goes above and beyond to make sure that the products that arrive on your doorstep are those that will last you a lifetime. Once you experience the fresh and crisp feel of all we have to offer you will understand why Kali is revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Take the time out to visit and see for yourself what everyone is raving about.

Kali5 Main Period Tips and Advice
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