What Comes in Your First Period Starter Kit

Period Starter Kit

Kali tribe first believes in having high quality tampons. Our tampons are made from cotton and do not contain any chemical compound such as dioxin, which is mostly found in other tampons. Dioxin is a toxic compound found in pesticides, and when mixed with other chemical compounds such as bleaching agents, it becomes poisonous.

Things you will need for your first period kit are as follows:

-Kali Organic Pantyliners or Organic Pads
-Spare Underwear
-Bags for used items
-Motrin (check with your OBGYN before taken)

First Period Tampon Kit tips

Tampon requires knowledge on how to insert it and how to remove it without causing damage to other parts. When inserting the tampon, it is advisable to ensure that the string remains outside for easy removal. Knowing your absorbency rating helps in choosing the best tampon for use.

Helpful Links You Can Always Count On

Other than this, get period tips from Kaliboxes.com so that you evade any menstrual complications when using a tampon. When you get confused, don’t worry, get online and look for period starter tips from Kaliboxes.com. The tips are simple to follow to ensure that your menstrual flow gets duly absorbed.

Period Kits That Are Safe

Kali is dedicated to ensuring to ensuring satisfaction by offering two options that include tampon only box and luxury box. The luxury Kali boxes include tampon bundle and Kali pads for ladies who require an extra pampering.

Kali products never disappoint and remain to be the best in the market. The fact that they produce 100% organic tampons depict their commitment to having you staying safe and comfortable during your menstrual period. Kali ensures affordability and a guarantee to serve you whenever and wherever. Tampon should reduce the hassles of getting the pads, and that cannot happen if they become sources of malignant diseases. With Kali cotton tampons, you’ll never be disappointed.

Subscribe to Our Monthly subscription box

Due to the difference in menstrual needs, Kali Box has a monthly subscription plan, which they deliver to your doorstep on a monthly basis.


Step 1. Choose How Often You Want Them Delivered

Step 2. Choose Your Type Of Box. Luxury or Standard Options.

Step 3. Check out and wait for our amazing lovely wonderful products that thousands love:)

The tampon subscriptions box gets delivered before the first day of the month and contains a bundle of tampon to last a month.  The amount of flow is used to determine the tampon absorbency rate ensuring that the tampon doesn’t leak. The Kali Box organic tampon is easy to use and easy to dispose of as it is decomposable. The tampon subscriptions box arrives on time and is the best way to be prepared for a menstruation period. Over the years, tampon has been widely used by women to control menstrual flow. However, there have been health issues concerning the use of an inorganic tampon. The tampon made from chemical compounds interfere with the menstrual system complicating it or causing other diseases such as cancer or increasing the flow rate. Luckily, ladies have got a reason to smile as Kali have come up with 100% organic tampon, which is safe and affordable. With Kali’s organic tampon, your hygiene becomes a priority ensuring you stay comfortable, dry, and secure during your menstruation period. Subsequent use of these chemical components puts the user in danger and ladies should distance themselves from such tampon. To provide an alternative, Kali Box has been committed and dedicated to producing chemical-free tampon, which has been tested and approved to be safe for menstrual use.

What’s in Kali monthly subscriptions box
At times, ladies fail to remember their menstrual dates and forget to carry a tampon with them. Due to inconsistencies, they miscalculate their menstrual days and confuse. You don’t have to worry as Kali monthly subscription box comes with a period caluclator, which assists in keeping you informed on when your next menstrual period will be. With the period caluclator at hand, it enables you to be prepared beforehand and set with the tampon boxes to last you through the menstrual period.

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