Underwear Do’s and Don’ts

1. Avoid Thongs When You’re Working Out And Change Afterward

In general, experts advise steering clear of thongs whenever possible, but this is especially important when working out. The friction and sweat can lead to UTIs, and we all know a UTI is something to avoid like The Plague. Regardless of what fabric the thong is made of, avoid. “Seamless” panties exist for a reason, so pick up a few pairs if having panty lines showing bothers you.

Once your workout is complete, head to the restroom or locker room and change, at the very least, your underwear.

2. Stick With Cotton Underwear Whenever You Can

Cotton is your best bet for a happy V (that’s why organic cotton tampons are also best!). The natural fibers make it possible to “breathe,” and for those with sensitive skin, it’s the least irritating of fabrics. If you can do so, avoid any panties made with synthetic materials like nylon and lycra, which can trap moisture and heat and leave you running to your gyno with an uncomfy yeast infection.

If you see a gorgeous set of undies you just have to have and they are not made from cotton, try to at the very least choose a pair with cotton lining on the inside.

3. Avoid Living In Shapewear

Shapewear, such as Spanx, are beyond fabulous. We understand the necessity, of course. However, shapewear and other tight-fitting garments, such as your beloved skinny jeans, can lead to UTIs. Try to utilize these items once or twice a week instead of every day, and always wear cotton underwear underneath when doing so.

4. Sleep Totally Nude

If this isn’t an option (hello, dorm life and roommates), then wear loose-fitting pajamas that allow for some breathing room. Sleeping sans-panties is the best way to let your V dry and prevent yeast infections. And if it’s “that time of the month,” luckily, you’ll have your box of Kali’s organic cotton tampons to protect you.

Plus, sleeping commando just feels so good.

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