Top Five Reasons You Should Use Organic Tampons

Recent statistics reveal that more women are switching from using sanitary pads and liners to organic tampons. But why do they make the change? The main reason is the secrecy involved in the ingredients used to manufacture sanitary pads. Usually, the information is not included in the products. For this reason, the mystery behind its manufacture has motivated many women to shift to using organic tampons. One of the best companies offering chemical free, 100 percent cotton tampons is Kali. Below are various reasons why you should consider trying out Kali products.

Reasons you should use Kali organic products.

1. They might change your period experience
It is normal to be caught up in the excitement of coming home with new products. However, it is proven that the mundane excited can be dangerously addictive. As a result, seeking the services of a monthly subscription will save not only your time but also money that could otherwise be incurred on routine shopping. Subscribing for tampons is one of the best ways you can utilize these subscription advantages. However, the Kali team ensures they deliver the kaliboxes and a pampering experience by adding details to their packaging. The period box is made in a sleek and girlish design to make you feel special and appreciated.

2. You receive more than tampons upon delivery
As compared to ordinary sanitary towels, tampons are delivered with a gift in their period box. The manufacturer ensures that the clients’ welfare is catered for by including more than the required fourteen tampons in the kaliboxes. Customers receive goodies such as natural Kali wipettes, rosewater facial toner, organic aloe mist, and rose flower water.

3. You could be helping a needy girl or woman by purchasing tampons
For every purchase made $1 is donated to the United Nations Foundation’s Adolescent Girl Campaign, which aims at helping young women across the world acquire sound health care and a fulfilling social life. Apart from that, they also ensure that the girl-child is protected from violence and abuse. Further, by purchasing tampons, you will be supporting the potential of women in the community.

4. By purchasing tampons, you will be promoting women-owned businesses
Sara Shake and Jonna Piira are the co-founders of Kali. Their interest for 100 percent environmental friendly cotton tampons led to the formation of Kali, which manufactures sustainable tampons that are eco-friendly and healthier to use as compared to normal sanitary pads. Therefore, subscribing to a tampon monthly subscription will be recognizing women power and supporting the girl-child.

There is no doubt menstrual health and hygiene have been highly boosted by the introduction of safe and easy to use tampons. Women have finally stepped out and created the kind of product that is safe and eco-friendly. Further, periods are supposed to be more comfortable and more fun where tampons have proven to meet all the required goals.

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