The Period Board Game

The days of Dreamphone and Mall Madness might be gone, but that doesn’t mean young girls won’t totally love this new concept. It’s quite the twist on your average board game, seeing as it’s more about education than stealing all of your friends’ pretend money. It’s called The Period Game, and it was conceived by design students with the idea of teaching girls about their bodies in a clever, fun, easy-to-comprehend way.

The Period Game is yet another incredible example of the way we are working as a society to break the period stigma.

The game board circles around a 3-D model of the female reproductive system. The ovaries are filled with marbles, and the game pieces are shaped like a tampon, a pad, a menstrual cup, and undies. When a player twists one ovary, a marble “egg” drops out of the vagina to determine the player’s next move.

If a red marble lands you on your period, you’re safe, but a clear one could mean PMS. Depending on where you land on the board, you may have a throw down a card for prep or protection. Prep would be what you’d imagine: good night’s sleep, hot bath, etc. And protection would be needing a tampon (an organic cotton tampon, of course!), pad, etc.

While the first person who makes it around the board is the winner, what we believe is that all of the girls who learn to play this game without feeling uncomfortable are the true winners. It’s how our bodies work, girls! Ain’t no shame in that! And this is one very fun, very cute way to teach young girls about their periods.

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