Periods Around The World

Learn how women deal with their period around the globe.

When buying feminine hygiene products is so easy here in the United States, it can be easy to forget what it’s like to be a menstruating woman in a developing country. That’s why we love partnering with organization like Girl Up. Here are some interesting facts about period around the world.


During menstruation, women in Afghanistan avoid washing their vaginas because they are told it can lead to infertility. Compounding the issue is the lack of access to clean pads. A single menstrual pad costs $4 USD in Afghanistan. Read more on Women’s Health.


Women in France refer to their period as “the little clown with its nose bleeding.” No really, Refinery 29 even says so.


In rural Nepal, women are not allowed in their homes for fear that the gods will become angry and put a curse on the home and family leading to illness and problems.  This practice is illegal according to Nepali law, but is still practiced in remote areasDignity Period has a great article with even more info.


Menstruating women in India are not allowed to touch pickles because it is believed that they will contaminate them. This and even more ridiculous period stigmas can be found on

United States

Homeless women in the United States say that their monthly menstrual cycle is one of their foremost concerns. Because feminine hygiene products are not free in public restrooms, and many shelters consistently run low on menstrual hygiene products, it can be very difficult for women to cope with the challenges of their monthly cycle.
For a global look at menstruation, check out this Huffington Post that put periods in the spotlight.

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