Period Fails

Everyone’s got an embarrassing story of a time when their period momentarily ruined their life. Here are some of our favorite stories gathered from around the Internet.

I was maybe 13 years old, and I decided to go for a run in the fields behind my childhood home (wearing white shorts, I might add). Mid-run, I realized that something didn’t seem right. Sure enough, my period had started! I knew there was a Port-O-Potty in the field, as soccer teams would use the field to play games. I entered the Port-O-Potty with the intentions of cleaning myself and my white shorts, but there was NO toilet paper! I proceeded to grab a leaf from a plant nearby to attempt to fix the situation before running home in bloody white shorts. Boy, did I pick the WRONG leaf. Poison Ivy on the Vajayjay! This situation made for one hell of an interesting doctor’s appointment. Courtesy of BuzzFeed

I had recently started dating my boyfriend at the time and I was at his house for the first time. I had my period and excused myself to go to the bathroom to change my tampon. I am a polite house guest, so I didn’t want to flush the tampon and clog the toilet. I wrapped it up very well, put it in the trash can in the bathroom, and then put even more toilet paper on top of it. I did this 3 times during the visit. A few days later my boyfriend calls me and says, “Just to let you know, the trash can in the downstairs bathroom is not a trash can, my mom keeps the magazines and extra paper in there…” I was so embarrassed (I was only 16 at the time and this was my first boyfriend) that I denied putting anything in there. His two brothers were both under 13 and he had no sisters. I was the only explanation, but I’m stubborn and denied, denied, denied. Courtesy of SomeEcards.

Once I had my period and I was also really strung out on amphetamines and was in my bathroom on my hands and knees throwing up into the toilet. I wasn’t wearing a tampon and I dry heaved so hard that I projectile period-ed onto the wall behind me. Courtesy of SomeECards.      

I was getting baptized at church and I was wearing all white. I was on my way to the restroom to change from my wet clothes and my friend told me that my pants were full of blood… I had no idea. It was my first period ever! So many people saw me walk past them. Courtesy of Seventeen.   

Last year I was sitting on the toilet. I had my period and as I was wiping, my 4 year old daughter came barreling into the bathroom. She looked at me and then looked down and ran out of the bathroom. I just figured she freaked at what she saw and just ran out. Well, the phone rang a few moments later, so I got up and ran to the phone and much to my surprise it was the police. They said that they had received a 000 call from here and couldn’t understand what the caller was saying. They asked if I had a little kid there and if everything was ok. I said, “Yes, I have a kid but there wasn’t any problem.” The officer scolded me and said I should teach my daughter to only use 000 for emergency purposes. At that point it dawned on me why she had called but I couldn’t tell the officer. I was too embarrassed to tell him that she thought my period was a sign of me bleeding to death. The kid thought I was sitting on the toilet, dying! Thank God I didn’t have to explain to him what had happened! Courtesy of

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