Paulette Leaphart Is Raising Awareness For Breast Cancer

Beyonce’s Lemonade has turned everything upside down — in a good way! Sure, we all laughed at the Jay-Z memes and low-key wanted to punch him in the face for betraying our Queen, but there’s a whole lot more Lemonade has inspired than the creation of witty memes.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I truly believe 2015 was the year women stopped putting up with labels and stereotypes and kicked “tradition” to the curb. Well, 2016 has been an incredible extension of this revolution, and Lemonade sparked something in the women’s empowerment movement that I am so incredibly thrilled to see happen in my lifetime.

Paulette Leaphart appeared in the “Hope” segment of Lemonade, and she is currently the subject of a documentary called Scar Story. Leaphart is a breast cancer survivor, with scars from a double-mastectomy that go far beyond the surface of her skin. Those scars prove to the world that she has had cancer — and kicked its a**. They are also a reminder to her of just how strong she is, and a beautiful reminder to all women of just how resilient our sisters are.

Leaphart has made the commitment to walk 1,000 miles from Mississippi to Washington D.C. topless. She hopes to raise awareness for breast cancer, and inspire women to pay close attention to their health. This is her story.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to our bodies and responding sooner than later. Let her story be the one to push you in the right direction, whether that means finally taking the plunge to organic tampons or finally booking that OBGYN appointment you’ve been dreading for far too long.

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