Pads vs. Tampons

The age old debate, which do you prefer?

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  When a young girl reaches puberty her body begins to go through some remarkable changes. The body takes on new images such as breasts that begin to enlarge. Girls begin to thicken in the hips and they begin to experience a period. Some girls begin as early as nine years of age. It is easier to help the young girl use outside protection at nine. The older the girl the easier it may be to explain how to use the protection products. Explaining how to use pads and tampons may be one of the most important discussions a mother or father may have. At this time, the parent or guardian may as well give the birds and the bees talk. Having these talks will lessen the chances of girls being confused when it comes to sex.

On the day that the young girl begins to menstruate, a mother may tell the daughter that she is becoming a woman. The mother needs to sit down with the girl and help her to understand how her body is changing and how the insides of her Uterus is cleaning out. Some girls may wonder what the difference between pads and the tampon is. If a mother tries to help her daughter choose pads or other protection she can explain that she needs to use organic maxi pads or the tampon brands that are free of chemicals and dyes.

Toxic shock syndrome is a serious condition that girls may get. This comes from using insertable protection and leaving it inside too long. With the toxic shock, the inserted tampon may cause the uterus to dry out. This may prove to the young lady that she needs to use padded products as opposed to insertable ones. Signs of toxic shock are fever and nausea. Using protection that stays on the outside of the body may be the only choice for this individual.

When a father goes to the store to pick up these personal items, he may ask what type the young lady needs. Some young women only use pads. These women may have something against sticking an item inside of them. Some religious beliefs cause women to believe that using tampons before marriage may deem the girl, not a virgin. The hymen may break when the plug is inserted. Some women may have an inverted vagina. This may cause pain when using inserted tampon products.

There are different types of protection on the market. A father or husband may choose wisely if they chose the type that has wings or that keeps the woman dry. Organic brands of protection are safe for the user. A young woman using protection without dyes, perfumes, and chemicals can be free from infections, allergic reactions, and redness. There are organic products that a woman can try for free. A woman can go online and fill out an order form to try a free tampon samples. These free tampon samples will come discreetly in the mail.

No matter what type of personal care product a young woman decides to use, they need to know how to use them properly. The young woman should know how often to change the product. She should know when the monthly process will take place. She needs to inform her physician that she is menstruating so he or she can do a physical examination. Young girls have many choices for personal hygiene products and can order free trials online at the Kaliboxes website.

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