Organic Tampons on the Rise

Ladies, there seem to be a debate about organic verses conventional tampons. Some experts state that the conventional tampons are just as safe and are regulated by the government. Conventional tampons are said to be bleached to get their white color.

Organic tampons are made with 100 percent organic cotton. One hundred percent organic cotton means it is made without pesticides and insecticides. The tampons are free of chemical dyes and fragrances. There are many benefits to all cotton tampons:
1. Better for your body
2. Better for your environment

There are many all cotton tampons on the market.

There are 100 percent cotton tampons, meaning:
1. Plastic free
2. Rayon free
3. Chlorine free
4. No wood pulp (used in making paper or rayon)
5. Plant based applicator
All of the non chemical companies are certified. Some companies claim that their tampons are biodegradable and compostable (not causing harm to the environment). The all cotton tampon eliminate the risk of fiber shedding. The tampon string is all cotton and the applicator is biodegradable.

Kali is a tampon company that delivers through the mail. Kali’s mission is to team up with other tampon companies, so that women will be aware of the benefits of organic tampons. Every Kali box that is sold, one dollar goes to the organization “Girl Up”. The Girl Up organization donate sanitary products to homeless women. Each female choose which box that they want, and Kali will deliver it. The Kali box includes:
1. Tampons or pads
2. Wipes
3. Thong panty liners
4. Personal product

A period box is a home delivery service. Each month your tampon supplies are delivered to you. There are many Companies to choose from. Below are some of the goodies you will receive in your box.
1. Tampons or pads
2. Wipettes
3. Liners
4. Relaxing product
5. Kit for first time users

It appears to be that conventional tampons are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and all conventional feminine products are not allowed to use toxic chemicals. The FDA does not require mandatory guidelines and the tampon companies do not have to disclose what is in the product. Some researchers state the only difference between organic and conventional tampons is the price.

Ladies it is up to you to decide which type of tampon is best for you. Most companies gives you free samples to try. Research and decide what is best for your body.

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