Organic Tampons

Organic is the new mantra ruling the food industry now. The evils of GMO and non-organic foods are the topic of discussion in every ‘wellness’ article and blog post. The record sales of $48 billion organic food in 2016 in the US itself is the proof of people’s obsession with the non-GMO products. However, talking about organic tampons may be taking our health consciousness a bit too far. Anyhow, are there any such tampons available on the market? If so, how are they better than the regular ones currently available?

Regular Tampons
The regular tampons available in the market are made using cotton, and a substance called rayon, that comes from wood pulp. Rayon carries traces of a chemical called dioxin, which is a byproduct of the purification of wood pulp using chlorine gas. Dioxins irritate sensitive skin and can cause many diseases, even cancer. Non-organic cotton also contains a pesticide called glyphosate, which is another irritant to sensitive skin. All these, when combined with the fragrance of the tampons, will cause what is known as Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS). TSS can be fatal if left untreated and can lead to many reproductive problems and immunity disorders.

Organic Tampons
These are the safest option for women who are concerned about the issues above. These tampons are a little pricey but worth every penny. They are safe and never cause TSS. They are the ideal choice for the busy women who work long hours and need continuous protection.

Kali is a subscription service that provides 100 percent cotton tampons, which are chemical free and organic. Their service helps you have tampons or sanitary pads every month delivered conveniently right to your doorstep. These feminine hygiene products do not contain the irritants dioxins, glyphosate, and are fragrance-free. These tampons and pads contain no synthetic material in them and are of 100 percent pure organic cotton. Kali feminine hygienic products are all designed by women for the women.

Kaliboxes are highly customizable to suit each woman as their requirements are unique. Each subscription box can be ordered monthly or bimonthly to suit your needs. You further have the option of choosing Regular (only tampons or cotton pads) or Luxury box. Luxury boxes include apart from tampons, wipettes, thong panty liners and a personal pampering product such as face mist or bath salt. More options are available wherein you can choose either only tampon box, tampon and liner box, only cotton pads box or even just the wipettes box to suit your requirement.

A period box is shipped free to your doorstep, monthly or bi-monthly according to your subscription so that you never run out of tampons again. There are no long-term contracts, and all the subscriptions are cancellable any time. You can also pause the subscription for a few months in between and resume later without any inconvenience. Kali also donates their high-quality sanitary products to homeless, less fortunate women throughout the US for every box they sell. For all those who believe women should join together as a group to help their less fortunate sisters, here is a way to do it.

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