Natural Cures for PMS

You’re a total boss lady at work and in your every day life, and this week (as well as the days leading up to it) shall be no different, girlfriend. There are ways you can kick PMS in its rude booty without popping a pain reliever every four hours.

Here are some helpful, total natural ways to own your PMS.

1.  Craving sweets?

Give in to that craving…But do so with dark chocolate. For one, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, so if you’re anything like me and love to mentally kick your own butt after giving into sweets cravings, this is a guilty pleasure you can totally justify to yourself. Studies have even show that dark chocolate can lower the risk of heart disease. It tastes great, and it might make you feel like being less of a b*tch this week. Total win, if you ask me.

2.  Load up on that calcium, girl.

Calcium and Vitamin D help lower your PMS symptoms. If dairy isn’t your thing, you can get your fix elsewhere. Try to snack on broccoli throughout the week, and you can even throw some kale or other leafy greens in a smoothie for a sweet treat (another way to satisfy that sweets craving). If you simply aren’t feeling like munching on anything besides pizza, I totally understand. Throw some Vitamin D supplements into your routine, and call it a day.

3.  Stay far away from salt. Very, very far.

I crave salty and savory during my period. Oh, yes, I will absolutely order myself some greasy Chinese food or terrible fast food fries during my cycle, because I want to dammit! But I know better, and one of the best things for women to do to combat PMS symptoms is to avoid processed foods and salt. It’ll not only bloat you up, but it will also give you a terrible crash.


Oh, I know. You’re already bloated, and buttoning up your jeans is a battle you just don’t have the energy to fight right now (hello, favorite pair of leggings!). While it seems counterintuitive, drinking extra water this week will help flush your system.

5.  Call up a girlfriend and vent.

She’s there for you when your partner is upsetting you. She’s there for you when your boss is stressing you out. She will be there for you when you’re PMSing and need to just vent about everything, anything, and nothing all at the same time. It’ll make you feel better. Studies have actually proven this. There are alot of myths with tampons.

6.  Have a night in with some hot tea.

We all want to reach for the bottle of red sitting so pretty on our kitchen counter… And that’s totally fine. Who on earth am I to tell any woman not to drink some tea during her least favorite week? However, throwing on your coziest sweats and sipping on a detox cleansing tea will make you feel like life is giving you a big sympathetic hug. My favorite right now is Dr. Jackson’s Detox Cleansing Tea. A yummy blend of fennel (for digestion) and Spanish liquorish (which has anti-inflammatory properties) will help your body rid itself of toxins so you can feel less bloated.

7.  Exercise.

How much do you totally hate me for suggesting you hit the gym? Well, I do so because I care. In the days leading up to your period, as well as the week of, you should get active and sweaty. Exercising releases endorphins — something Elle Woods taught us all way back in the day — and it will boost your mood. Okay, maybe not while you’re doing it, but it totally will afterwards. It will also help you sleep better at night, after having sweat out and remove those toxins and extra fluids.

8.  RELAX!

Finally, the one thing I cannot tell you do to enough is to allow yourself to relax. After working all day, drinking tons of water, exercising, and being your fabulous badass self, go home and relax. You do need “you time,” and perhaps curling up with that detox tea and dark chocolate is just the key to feeling a little less ugh. If you aren’t familiar at all with meditation, then do some research, babe. Learn and understand your menstrual cycle also can help. Meditation can enable your serotonin, which are those lovely happy hormones that will kick your PMS hormones’ booty.



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