Kegel Exercises With These Tech Panties

One of the most interesting things about being a woman is the plethora of products presented to us at any given time. Even if you never once in your entire life thought to yourself, “I have large pores on my nose,” at some point, you will be told you do and therefore need these five products to fix it.

And while you can absolutely do the following exercise on your own, the makers of Labella want you to get a more — ahem — in-depth look at what is going on with your pelvic floor muscles.

Labella is an app which works with a pair of high-tech undies, which are implanted with a movement sensor. You simply throw on the underwear and open the app, which will then show you a model of a vulva, vagina, and perineum. When you touch the image of perineum on your screen, the corresponding muscle visually contracts. Voila! That’s a Kegel exercise, which helps keep your bladder in shape, as well as give you more intense orgasms.

Using the app as your guide, hold your phone between your legs, about six inches from the special underwear. The app will then track your movements so you know if you’re properly strengthening your muscles down there.

Yes, you can do the exercise without the help of Labella. However, doing a Kegel exercise correctly can be tricky. One way you can tell if you’re clenching right is to stop your urine flow midstream, but it is not recommended as a method of working out those muscles. It’s just a way to recognize which muscles need to be contracted.

Regardless of whether or not you order this interesting new technology when it’s available, you should still be doing Kegel exercises, which you can find here. Doing so will help immensely post-childbirth and with any sort of incontinence you may currently have or may develop in the future.

Squeeze and repeat, ladies.

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