Kali Organic Tampons

There are women who prefer tampons over pads. If you are in any type of physical activity, tampons are the obvious choice. Organic tampons are available for women who do not like toxic chemicals in their tampons. Kali’s tampons do provide a safe alternative to what is on the market.

Kali offers 100 percent cotton tampons. That means they are really comfortable to insert. No one wants bleach, dioxin, or any fragrances inside of their delicate body parts. That in itself will cause harm. Are organic tampons safer than the regular ones? Who knows. As long as there are no chemicals and certain pulps used to create them, the tampons should be fine. Otherwise, stick to pads. It is bad enough that a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome exists. You must be very careful, and follow all rules in regards to tampon safety. A disease of this nature could kill you. Kali understands this. This company makes both pads and tampons. Both are chemical free. Glyphosate, which is an ingredient in weed killer has been found in certain brands. You will not find this chemical in Kali’s products. Caring about the welfare of women on their periods is high priority. It is all about the sensitivity of a woman’s body and what is best to keep her healthy.

How does Kali work? It is quite simple. You can place your order and have a period box shipped to your home on a monthly basis. If you have a different need, there are other options. You can also have the Kaliboxes delivered every other month. You can get a tampon only box, or a luxury box. Either way, you will be pleased with what you ordered.

Kali is a company founded with the “woman” in mind. Jonna Piira is the CEO and wants women to understand what they are putting into their bodies. She also wanted to help women who are tired of running to the store for feminine products all the time. You want your items when you need them. Having your sanitary needs shipped to you takes care of that issue. Kali has created a organic tampon revolution, that helps women everywhere stay safe in the products they use, while offering the convenience of not using a public store. This company practices ethical behavior, which is why a lot of women trust their brand. Kali donates money to the homeless for every box they sale. The goal is to empower women who can not help themselves. Adolescent girls are also their target audience. Reaching out to them and providing sanitary tampons, these girls are learning that it is ok to be who they are.

Would I support Kali? The price of their items are affordable. It depends on what the needs are for you and if this company can fulfill them. Kali is making tremendous strides in the tampon market. As more women look for other alternatives for their periods, Kali will definitely be there to help them.

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