It’s Totally OK For Your Period To Smell

There are so many not-so-fun things that come with having our period. For one, we poop more. Yay! And two, we may (or may not) feel super self-conscious about our personal odor during those days. That second un-fun thing is actually why scented tampons exist. But, those perfumes are not good for our vaginas, and shoving a scented tampon into our bodies for hours at a time can actually only make the problem worse by knocking off our pH levels.

Of course, organic tampons are the way to go. We know this. We’re pretty big on women’s health at Kali. So, while you may be freaked out that your natural odor is unappealing during your menstrual cycle, just know that this is all perfectly normal (and you have nothing to worry about).

First of all, your period blood isn’t just blood. For instance, if you cut your finger and bleed, the contents of that blood and the contents of your menstrual blood are going to be extremely different. Menstrual blood contains bacteria, vaginal mucus, and uterine tissue. Your uterus is literally shedding its lining during this time, and the odor is affected by how long blood has been in your uterus.

That said, if there is a fishy smell to your vagina, that is not normal. Whether you are on your period or not, having a fishy or sour odor is an indication that something is off. It may just be bacterial vaginosis, which is easily taken care of with a trip to your doctor and a round of antibiotics. So, if you really are smelling an unpleasant odor that’s out of the ordinary, it’s time to make a trip to your gyno.   Keep the floral soaps, douche products, and scented tampons far away from your vagina.

If you can (and if you’ve signed up for our organic tampon delivery service, this should be easy), always use organic tampons — unscented — and change them out every 6-8 hours or more often, if needed.

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