It’s National Women’s Health Week

Last year, we were floored when certain states threatened to fully defund Planned Parenthood, which would make it nearly impossible for some women — and men — to receive the proper healthcare provided at the centers.

Twelve states in total are currently taking legislative action to fully defund PP. For whatever reason that is beyond my comprehension, women still have to fight to maintain reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.

From the tampon tax to anti-abortion bills, women are growing tired of having to politely explain why we want control of our own bodies.

And so, these women are saying, “F*ck you.”

Women’s retailer Wildfang has released a video which features twelve women, all of whom stripped down to their birthday suits in order to stand up for their rights. Let’s just say this video might not be safe for work, but it is quite powerful.

Lovely way to kick off National Women’s Health Week, isn’t it?

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