How to Wear a Maxi Pad

How to Properly Use Kali Organic Pads

Learn more about the correct way to use organic maxi pads. You may call it your period, menstruation, say Aunt Flo is visiting, even call it your monthly pain in the you-know-where. Under any name, a menstrual cycle is a part of a woman’s life that can’t be escaped. Why not make it a little simpler by using Kali? Kali not only offers you the piece of mind of knowing you are protecting your body with organic and all-natural products, but also the peace of mind of knowing your products are arriving right to your doorstep.

Kali is a monthly (or bi-monthly, if you prefer) subscription of feminine hygiene products. All Kali products are either all-natural or organic. Each subscription box arrives at the first of each month containing either 14 tampons or 16 pads, 10 wipettes, 10 panty liners and one rotating period pampering product.

Compiling your subscription contents is a personal preference. Some women prefer convenience – they like something that can be worn while exercising, in the swimming pool and with a variety of outfits. With pads, however, they can offer more protection. Maxi pads, especially, are designed to withstand a heavy flow. Plus, pads also don’t pose the threat of toxic shock syndrome, that can come from wearing a tampon too long.

Kali’s safe organic maxi pads are dependable and easy to use. Maxi pads should be applied to an undergarment, preferably a full-figured garment to ensure it stays put. After removing the protective lining, pads can be stuck directly to your underwear. Keep in mind, because maxi pads are built to offer the greatest protection, they can appear slightly bulky. Best to leave the form-fitting yoga pants in the dresser for a few more days!

Ready to give Kali’s safe organic maxi pads a try? Simply go to to submit your order. First, choose how often you would like to receive your products. Next, choose if you prefer tampons or pads. Then, choose if you would like all regular absorbency, all super absorbency or half and half of each. As long as your order is in by the 20th, you can expect to receive your first order by the first of the following month.

Fear of commitment? Fear not! Kali’s does not require any type of long-term contract. Any time your subscription no longer fits with your needs, simply opt out and feel free to start back up anytime. What are you waiting for? Simplify your life today. Visit Kali online to sign up now or feel free to email if you have questions.

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