How to Help My Teenager With Cramps?

There are several tips that you can use to help your teenager with cramps from heavy bleeding including the use of organic tampons. The first tip to talk to the OBGYN about a safe alternatives that your daughter could take. Most commonly they are going to tell her to take some Advil or Aleve to help relieve some of the pain of a cramp. Talking to the OBGYN is going to help to make sure that your daughter is actually taking the medication that is going to help her with her cramps that she has each month. It is very important to read the label to make sure that she is not going to be taking too much of the medication for her pain. Period cramp alternatives.

The second tip to use a heating pad. Most of the time, the heating pad is going to work just as good as taking the medication for pain. But it is normally going to work a little bit faster than the medication since it is going to be applied directly to the stomach. In fact, about 90 minutes after the heating pad is used, the pain is going to start to go away. But with the medication, it can take up to three hours to start to work. But if you use the heating pad with medication, the pain will go away faster so this is definitely something that your daughter is going to benefit from when she uses the both of them.

The third tip that the period kits is to going to do to help with cramps is that your daughter is going to be more comfortable exercising with an organic tampon in compared to wearing a pad. The exercise is going to help to boost the endorphin inside of the body that is going to make you feel good. Even though your daughter might not feel like exercising let her know that in the end, it is going to help ease some of the pain that she is in. This is going to be especially true if she is experiencing heavy bleeding while she is on her period since the pain can be unbearable.

The fourth tip to get your daughter a massage to help with the cramps. It is very important that the person that is massaging her only uses the essential oils. While your daughter is getting the massage, it might be a good idea for her to wear the organic tampons so that she does not have to worry about any leakage on the table when she is getting the massage. The massage should focus on her lower abdomen where the cramps are going to be the worse. The most common essentials oil that are used to period massages are going to be clary sage, lavendar, and marjoram. Then they are going to be diluted into a cream that is often unscented.

The fifth period tip is to buy your daughter a period kit that includes variety of herbal teas. This is because of the herbs are going to contain estrogen inside of them. This is something else that you are going to need to talk to your OGBYN about before to help ensure that there are not going to be any side effects especially if she is taking any other medications that might interact with the herbal tea. It might also be a good idea to put some peppermint oil inside of the herbal tea. Most of the time, your daughter will need to start drinking the tea about a week before it is time for her period to start.

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