How Often Should I Change my Tampon?

Make the Change to Organic Tampons

It’s important to use the best products, and change them often! All women get a spot in their life where a period is second nature to them. A few days a month they visit the bathroom a little more often and crave a certain something a little more than usual. Some of us have subtle back pain and some of us take Midol to get rid of the annoying cramping in our abdomen.

If you are one of those women you have no problem knowing when to change. Whether you keep yourself on a schedule, change every time you use the restroom or only change when you know you are full. Regardless, you have a system that works and you get through it.  On the other end of the spectrum there are some of us that feel like death for a couple days a month and eat everything in sight. We have back pain that keeps the Tylenol closer than usual, and cramps that make us cry on the inside and out.

Regardless if you are either of these types, it is important to know when to change your tampon. It is recommended these days with young ladies just entering the world of woman hood to keep a schedule or write it down. This is a great way to keep track of symptoms, heavy or light bleeding, dates and medicine that best helps with each symptom, but also, a great way to keep track of how often you may need to change your product. Something that heavily influences how often you need to change it is the product you are using. It is important you know the products you are putting in your body and the long term affects they may have.

While it is sometimes unreasonable to change all of your home health products to all natural or organic, it is probably the most important to change your feminine hygiene products.  Kali is a feminine hygiene company that has developed organic products for woman at their convenience. Kali is a subscription box that delivering organic and all natural feminine essentials directly to your door every month. Choose the products you use most or want to try and they will ship it straight to you. Promoting all cotton tampons, Kali is dedicated to keeping your body safe and healthy. Not to mention $1 of every order you place goes towards charity that helps reach girls in the hardest places it is to be a female.

Running to the drugstore last minute is exhausting, so the founders created the company to promote safe, healthy and convenient products.  Since the company promotes power for woman, this is the best tampons for beginners. Teaching our young woman from the start a product and company they can trust.

So while it is important to change your tampon often, and know when to change it. It is also important to use products that you know and trust. For more information and to order your first box, visit

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