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All natural, going green, and eco-friendly are just a few of the terms that have been circulating throughout our culture more frequently. Western culture is becoming more conscious of personal health choices and their effects on the environment when it comes to diet, skin care, hair products, prescription drugs, and even feminine hygiene items as part of this new organic movement.

The desire to create a healthier lifestyle is commendable, however, in most cases these fads go, just as fast as they come. Period box subscription services, like Kali Boxes, are joining this trend in hopes that the everyday woman will make the change to using organic tampons and pads, a permanent change.

We already know that there is a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using tampons but did you know that use of non-organic tampons can possibly cause cancer? Regular tampons are made of cotton, a natural fiber grown from a cotton plant, so how can that be harmful to us? Well, it’s not solely the cotton, it’s how it’s processed, in addition to rayon and other synthetic fibers used to manufacture tampons.

Dioxins are highly toxic pollutants that are by-products of rayon. Dioxins are carcinogenic for animals but only considered to have an indirect correlation to cancer in humans, labeled a “likely human carcinogen” by The United States Environmental Protection Agency. Whether it can be scientifically proven through evidence or not our common sense should tell us that anything defined as highly toxic, should not be included in a product we insert into the most sacred parts of our body.
Using organically cultivated cotton is also an important factor in making tampons and pads safe for us to use. Pesticides are used to prevent crops from being tainted by pests and weeds in order to have a greater harvest of the usable crop. Aldicarb is a pesticide used on cotton and it is deadly for humans. How can a product that is labeled as a medical device by the FDA be allowed to contain these harmful ingredients?

According to an interesting Huffington Post, Healthy Living article by Jessica Kane the average cost of your period over a lifetime is over eighteen thousand dollars. If you are going to pay that much money wouldn’t you want to have peace of mind that you are not putting any harmful products into your body? There are alternatives products such as Diva Cup and Thinx underwear, but 70% of women are still using tampons regularly, not fully understanding how these products can affect them after an accumulation of long-term use.

For this reason, women have been supporting organic organizations like, Kali Boxes and other organic period box subscription services, that provide safe products for us to use. A period box is shipped right to your door every month, you never run out, you never forget, and you don’t have to leave your home. During the toughest week of the month, you want a reliable product that is not going to have long-term effects. You have nothing to lose when you invest in your health by investing in organic tampons.

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