Hassle free Birth Control?

Do you remember when Uber first launched in your city? You thought to yourself that this is the best thing ever. With just a few touches on your smartphone, you have an affordable driver at your doorstep, and everything is paid and recorded via the app. No muss. No fuss.

Well, picking up the phone to call a taxi or hailing one on a street corner wasn’t really all that difficult to begin with. Women accessing birth control, on the other hand, can mean some serious hoop jumping. This is why a new app called Nurx may just be the answer to your contraceptive needs.

The San Francisco-based app was created by two men (go figure) named Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesaeth, and it allows women to order birth control with just the click of a button. Users simply need to download the app and answer a health questionnaire. The service then syncs up to the user’s health insurance.

Within as little as 24-hours, the user’s birth control prescription is delivered to her doorstep.

This new, much easier and hassle-free method of gaining birth control eliminates any complications (such as access to transportation or embarrassment) that comes with getting a prescription from a doctor’s office. It also eliminates certain stigmas that come with gaining birth control. Not every household is as open to contraceptive as others, and hopefully this method of accessing hormonal birth control will cut down on unwanted pregnancies.

While the service is only operating in California at this time, Gangeskar and Engesaeth fully intend on expanding the app to other U.S. cities soon. So far this year, we’re already in the process of eliminating the “tampon tax,” as well as gaining the right to over-the-counter birth control.

It seems 2016, ladies, will be the year of the V.

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