Why Do We Gain Weight During Our Period?

We all know that feeling of junk food cravings, bloating, and water retention that typically accompanies our periods, so is it just in our heads, or are we really gaining weight during our period?

For starters, that weight gain doesn’t usually take place while you are having your period, it typically takes place in the first three stages of our menstrual cycle and is actually relieved when the bleeding begins.

So why do we gain weight during our period?

First, we’re retaining a whole lot of fluids. When the monthly flood of estrogen is replaced by a flood of progesterone, our body is in a hormonal imbalance. This coupled with the fact that constipation typically accompanies PMS means that we’re not flushing our system as effectively as we should be. This retention of fluid and build up of waste causes weight gain and the feeling of bloat.

Next, we’re craving everything! Your metabolism speeds up during the premenstrual cycle which causes many women to crave sugary and salty snacks. Typically these cravings go away as quickly as they appeared, but many women give in to these cravings or tend to over eat during this period. Lastly, magnesium levels are low, which results in a drop in insulin and even more sugar cravings.

Although it may feel good at the moment to give in to these PMS cravings, the best way to avoid weight gain during your menstrual cycle and lessen these symptoms is to maintain an active lifestyle, working out regularly and staying hydrated—the more water you drink, the more easily you will be able to flush toxins out of your system and keep your digestive track working with you rather than against you.

A swing of 2-10 pounds is totally normal to gain during your monthly period. Using a couple of the tactics mentioned above, along with some of these herbal remedies, will help lessen the symptoms of weight gain throughout your cycle.

Here are a couple of our favorite tips to try when you’re just feeling bloated:

  1. Drink a bunch of water. Although it feels contradictory to drink water when you’re retaining water, it really does help. (Promise.)
  2. Take a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar. Besides being the cure-all for just about EVERYTHING, it will take away that full and bloat feeling.
  3. Try digestive enzymes, they might just be your new best friend. They’ll help digest your food, and if you do decide to double down on the Doritos AND Talenti, digestive enzymes will help you break down the junk food more productively.

Good news, the weight gain that you may experience leading up to your period won’t last long. You should be feeling back to normal 7-10 days after your period starts, and should experience some relief as soon as menstruation begins.

Do you gain weight on your period? What are your favorite tips to feel better fast, we’d love to hear from you Kali Girls!

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