FREE Tampons To Women

I have mentioned in previous posts that many women in this country struggle during their cycles to find access to feminine hygiene products. But, a new legislation passed by the New York City Council may very well change how disadvantaged women in the United States handle their time of the month.

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland began demanding free tampons for women and members of the trans community in public schools, shelters, and jails since last summer. Claiming periods have been stigmatized for far too long, Ferreras-Copeland said,
“Today the Council will help end that stigma. Young women will no longer miss class because they don’t have a pad or tampon.”  

Good to hear we have her on our side! Women will have access to free tampons in shelters, foster care facilities, juvenile detention facilities, city jails, and public middle and high schools starting as soon as mid-October, which will potentially affect over 23,000 women currently struggling to make due with what little they may or may not have.

Just before this new tampon legislation, NY state had voted to abolish sales tax on tampons and feminine hygiene products. We can only hope this very forward-thinking legislation spreads throughout the country!

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