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The first period talk in a young girl’s life is a very important moment. It’s a time that can bring joy and excitement or fear and confusion. Due to these mixed emotions, it is so important for a parent to talk to their daughter beforehand. Whatever the feelings are that may be coming up for her, it’s a special time showing that she is becoming a woman.

Overall, most teenage girls start their periods at the age of 12 or 13 years old (although this can vary by a few years). If you wait to talk to your daughter about menstruation until she already has had her first period, it’s too late. Timing is key to this important discussion. Your daughter will be going through many changes in her body during this time. Talking about it beforehand can create positive feelings about these changes in her body.

Menstruation is the female process of discharging blood and uterine lining no longer needed in the body every 28-35 days. This process begins at the age of 12-13 years old and will continue until menopause. Teaching your daughter about the female menstrual cycle, the facts about menstruation, bacteria infections, and irregular period cycles will prepare her for what’s to come. Making sure your daughter is not frightened by the changes taking place in her body is paramount to her being able to feel safe throughout the process.

Your daughter will most likely have many questions during this talk such as:

  1. What should go into her first period kit?
  2. Tampons vs. Pads, what is the right choice?
  3. Why would an organic tampon subscription help her during this time of the month?


Women are becoming more and more aware of what chemicals are in their every day products. Recently, it has been proven that feminine products, such as tampons and pads, have harsh chemicals in them such as rayon, synthetic fibers, dioxin, chlorine bleach, and fragrances. These are toxic chemicals that we would never consume in our food. Why are we comfortable putting these chemicals in one of the most sensitive spots in our bodies? Women are now becoming aware of the risks attached to toxic feminine hygiene products and are taking their health and welfare seriously.

Menstruation occurs for most women of age regularly on a month-to-month basis. Period management comes along with the territory and is something women deal with monthly. The empowered woman in this day and age is extremely busy with work and home life. They want to do good for their bodies, but focus on convenient options to solve day-to-day issues. They want to find automatic solutions such as a monthly organic period subscription service or a website that helps them understand topics like period weight gain. They are also eager to find healthier alternatives to the toxic unhealthy options that are easily available in the stores.


Tampons in the market are made of highly toxic tampon materials. They contain dioxin, chloride bleach, synthetic fibers, dyes, glyphosate, rayon, and harmful fragrances. These chemicals are dangerous. When using average drug store tampon or pad, we are putting these toxic chemicals into the most delicate part of a woman’s body. They are known to be dangerous to the immune system. Women are now being educated about these chemicals and issues. They want healthier options that will fit into their busy lifestyles, while suiting their personalized period needs.


No one understands the body of a woman like another woman. Kali was created for women by women. Unlike other feminine hygiene products in the market, Kali period boxes were created to empower and educate women about what they are putting into their bodies. They are made from 100 percent organic cotton. Kali, a company created by women for women, puts the needs of their customers before anything else.

The company provides its customers with a monthly period subscription box. They deliver 100 percent organic, chemical-free tampons and pads directly to your door on a monthly basis. They offer women an affordable, flexible option to meet your period needs. Customers can choose the frequency of their subscription as well as the absorbency. Because every woman is different, every woman has personalized options to choose from to work for her needs. 


Signing up for a Kali period box is extremely easy. It takes only a few minutes to subscribe. You will receive your first box in 2-3 days. After your first order, your box will arrive on the 1st of every month. If you have a lighter flow, you should subscribe to the every-other-month box.


There are several options for your Kali box. Kali offers a tampon only box, a tampon and liner only box, a pad and liner only box, or the luxury box. The biggest seller is the luxury box, which comes with 14 tampons or 16 pads, 10 liners, 10 wipettes, and a different pampering product every month. Kali partners with other organic companies for their third pampering product in the luxury box. The Kali team only includes products that they love in the box.

Customers get to choose the period box that works best for them. If the customer prefers tampons over pads, they must also choose the absorbency level needed. Kali tampons come in different sizes to choose from: All Regular, All Super, or Half and Half. Kali has everything to suit your needs and keep you safe, healthy, and dry during your period.


Kali offers its customers chemically free tampons, 100 percent organic cotton tampons and pads. The options are flexible and delivered conveniently to your doorstep on the first day of every month. As a young woman grows and matures, there are so many different choices to be made regarding her period. Kali helps women make healthy choices during that time of the month. To learn more click this link What are tampons made of?

Studies have shown that women are exposed to 50 or more toxins on a daily basis before leaving their homes. Reducing the amount of chemicals we come into contact with is important, especially when it comes to the tampons and pads we use during our monthly cycle. Talking with your teenage daughter about these tampons chemicals and promoting the use of organic feminine hygiene products is important to her health. She should be aware of the healthy alternatives out there such as Kali.

Kali is your daughter’s answer! Kali can provide chemical-free, 100 percent organic cotton tampons subscription and pads to your daughter every month (and you too!). The 100% organic certified cotton products are mailed to customers at the beginning of the month with customers selecting the frequency of mailing, absorbency of the tampons (or select pads if you prefer) with no long-term commitments required.

Organic cotton tampons or pads in your monthly period box are a healthy hypoallergenic alternative to the hormone-disrupting chemicals normally found in tampons and pads. Chemicals such as those used to make polyethylene or PET, a common plastic used in tampons, and polyester, which contains chemicals harmful to skin, and other contaminants have been found to create toxic shock syndrome in users. Speaking to your daughter about these chemicals and how the insertion of them into her body can create all sorts of problems is vital to her health.

Kudos to you for ensuring that your teen is well-informed, knowledgeable, and comfortable with her choices when it comes to her period allowing her the freedom to choose wisely.


As women we don’t often think about the chemicals we put on and in our bodies every day. From our make-up to perfume we choose to our tampons and pads, we bombard our bodies with toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Unlike our makeup and perfume though, our tampons and pads don’t come with an ingredient list. Why is that? Tampons are considered a class 2 medical device. Due to that classification, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose what is actually in the products you are purchasing and using. It’s up to the manufacturer to disclose to their customers what is actually in their products.

Third party companies have tested the typical drugstore tampons and pads only to find all the toxic chemicals in them such as rayon, chlorine bleach, dioxin, synthetic fibers, and fragrances. They are probably not the safest products to be putting into our bodies. Make sure you make the switch today to chemical free pads and tampons.

Now you are asking yourself – ‘what alternative do I have?’ You have plenty of options to choose from. Kali is the #1 choice or organic tampons and pads for women making the switch today. Kali offers monthly period boxes that include 100 percent organic cotton tampons and pads. Kali is a period subscription service that ships your monthly period necessities right to your door. The company offers 100 percent organic tampons, 100 percent organic pads, and 100 percent organic panty liners. Their 100 percent organic, chemical-free cotton products are both ethically sourced and sustainable farmed. When you buy Kali products, you can feel good about your purchases. The tampon applicators are even biodegradable!

No matter what period box subscription you may choose, it is time to take back control of our bodies. We should know better than to be putting all these toxic chemicals into our bodies in this day and age. Please think long and hard the next time you are at the store about to buy toxic feminine hygiene products. Make the switch to Kali today!

The first period talk in a young girl’s life is very important. It’s a time that can bring joy and excitement or fear and confusion. This is why it’s so important to talk to your daughter beforehand. Whatever the feelings are that may be coming up for her, it’s a special time showing that she is becoming a woman. 

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