Choosing Organic Tampons

At Kali, we’re on a mission that we call the Tampon Revolution. The Tampon Revolution is aimed at educating women about the importance of choosing organic when it comes to their monthly feminine hygiene routine.

While some women are still using the same old tampons from when they were teenagers, we’re seeing more women every day question the ingredients that are in their tampons and pads, and making a more educated choice about what they’re putting in their body and what the companies that they are supporting truly stand for. What we have recently learned about tampons is that they could contain harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach, fragrances, trace amounts of dioxin (which is a known carcinogen), pesticides, and potentially GMO’s. Over 96% of cotton crops in the United States are chemically treated and contain GMO’s, so the likelihood of your tampon containing these ingredients is very high.

While there haven’t been a ton of studies around this topic, we feel that the more women demanding to know what’s in their tampons and making the switch to organic will spur our medical community to start taking notice. You heard it here first, look out for studies linking women’s health issues to tampons in the very near future.

On a somewhat lighter note, here are some of our favorite articles making the argument for choosing organic when it comes to your period:

  1. When the Green Beauty Team said No Way to Toxins in My Vajay.  
  2. When Teen Vogue Interviewed Vagina Genius Dr. Debra Wickman.
  3. When StyleCaster said to Question Your Current Tampon Brand.  
  4. When Bustle said that now we know how a tampon is made, it kind of seems crazy that we’re not all buying organic…
  5. When the Huffington Post warned about Feminine Care over 6 YEARS AGO!
  6. When a source for TIME Magazine said, “We need to start talking about this more and we need to insist that manufacturers explain what these products are made of, and to convince us that they’re safe.”

Please make the switch today and #GoOrganic.

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