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As a woman, having to deal with that time of the month is already a pain, but when you also have to use feminine hygiene products that contain dyes along with other harmful chemicals that just makes it worse and can be a frustrating experience. Such products can cause skin irritation and rashes and even allergic reactions in some individuals. If you have ever experienced skin irritation or redness along with pain, then choosing an organic product would benefit you in many ways. Kali tampons are 100 percent cotton tampons and will give you the confidence in knowing that you are using a product that is safe along with being protective. The kaliboxes can be delivered to your door every month in order for you have the greatest protection with a product that is 100% hypoallergenic and made with certified organic cotton and absolutely no chemicals whatsoever.

These organic tampons contain an absorbent core to prevent leakage along with an organic cotton covering that is contained within an applicator that is biodegradable in order to protect the environment. When choosing a period box, Kali is the way to go. There is less fiber shedding when using cotton, so you have fewer chances of having reactions to it along with having a product that is reliable.

These wonderfully organic tampons are available in regular and super absorption, so there is something for everyone. Kali also has panty liners and pads which can also be delivered right to your door each month in preparation for your period. You no longer have to go out to the store and look at the many different products that are made of synthetic materials and try to choose one that is the least harmful. That time of the month no longer has to be a pain, and you no longer have to use a product that can leave you feeling raw and irritated after your period.

Your comfort and your safety are of utmost concern when choosing a product that you will be using each month. Cotton is definitely the best fabric to use for your skin, and organic cotton is even better.

You just cannot go wrong when choosing this product. As more and more women learning about this service it will become the norm for women to purchase high-quality feminine hygiene products such as Kali and use them month after month without hassle or worry.

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