Are Tampons Supposed to Hurt?

Do Tampons Hurt?

If a tampon is properly inserted, it should not be uncomfortable. Most women are not even aware it is in place unless they focus on it or it comes to mind. To ensure that you do not experience any discomfort, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of it being uncomfortable or causing pain. There are a lot of tampon myths, so want to make sure you get all your facts.

Use Organic Tampons
An organic tampon is not as ridged as a standard tampon option. They are softer, even though they are compressed like standard option. They are also considered a safer alternative since chemical free tampons do not add to the risk that is already associated with their use.

A tampon is made of tightly compressed cotton, which absorbs your menstrual flow before it has a chance to exit the body. If properly maintained, they cause less mess and better control over the direction of your flow. This allows you more clothing options during menstruation and eliminates the unpredictability and embarrassment maxi pads can cause.

Use the Right Size for You
Making sure you are using the right size tampon for your body type is extremely important. Every female is different, and the shape of their bodies are different as well. Some women experience pain if they use a tampon that is too large for their body to comfortably cradle. You will not receive any additional benefit from using a tampon that is larger than your body is comfortable with, so you may need to try different options before you find one that is completely comfortable for you.

Ensure Proper Tampon Placement
By following the instructions provided by your tampon manufacturer, you can ensure that you place the tampon as it is recommended. Currently, 70 percent of women use some form of tampon during menstruation. Proper insertion may take some practice, but it is a skill that is worth learning if you would like to take more control over your menstrual cycle, and experience less embarrassment than improper pad placement offers.

If your tampon hurts at any point, you should immediately remove it and insert a new one. Many times, this pain is associated with the placement, and not the tampon itself.

Choosing the Right Type of Tampons for You
Every tampon manufacturer provides different options for its users. However, every manufacturer offers a wide range of absorbency options. You should always choose the lowest absorbency offered that will maintain your menstrual flow. The higher absorbency you choose, the higher the risk of toxic shock syndrome may be.

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome
Toxic Shock Syndrome is commonly associated with tampon usage. It is caused by a build up of bacteria in the vaginal cavity from prolonged use of tampons. By changing your tampon regularly, you will reduce the risk of developing this rare disorder. Changing your tampon regularly also helps to prevent infection.

You should take the time necessary to understand the symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome. If you notice any of the symptoms associated with the condition, you should remove your tampon immediately and seek medical attention.

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