Are Tampons Supposed to Feel Uncomfortable?

Using tampons for the first time can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Can you depend on them? Do they prevent leaks as well as maxi pads? These questions are completely normal for any new user, and the answer to both questions is yes. Using any form of tampon poses risks, specifically the risk of toxic shock syndrome if you do not understand how to properly use them. However, when used properly, there is minimal risk associated with using them in comparison to a pad.

Organic Tampon Options
By choosing an organic option, you are less likely to notice the tampon in place. Organic tampons are less rigid and provide chemical free protection. You are less likely to know they are in place, and they are less noticeable than other tampon options. They should not provide any discomfort when properly used.

Choosing organic tampons can reduce the risks associated with using the product in general. Chemical free tampons are always recommended, especially because the chemicals themselves pose an additional risk that your body is unable to control.When properly inserted, it should not be uncomfortable. Learn about the history of tampons. Unless you are thinking about its placement, you may not even notice it is there, which makes keeping track of personal hygiene extremely important.

How Does a Tampon Work?
Tampons are not much different than pads. They were created to absorb the flow of menstruation. An organic tampon is made of chemical free cotton that is compressed into a cylindrical shape. Unlike pads, a tampon is made to fit inside of the vaginal opening. This absorbs the menstrual flow before it exits the body.

They can be purchased at almost any retail store and come in different absorbency capabilities and different sizes.

Choosing the Right one for Your Needs
When you first start using them, it is recommended to start with a “slender” option. This is not only for comfort reasons, but it also provides more control over absorbency. You should always choose the lowest absorbency to maintain your personal menstrual flow.

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