Are Tampax Tampons Organic?

Tampons have been used by women for menstruation for thousands of years with possible origins dating back to ancient Egypt, Roman, Hawaii, and Japan. Over the years, tampons have undergone several changes and today’s brand of tampons such as Tampax tampons contain a combination of cotton, rayon, and polyester. But, are Tampax tampons organic?

Well, reviews on if Tampax style tampons are safe and organic are clear. While 100% percent cotton tampons are safe due to their high natural fiber and ingredient content, concerns have often been raised about “endocrine disruptors” chemicals within the Tampax style brands due to their ability to change and disrupt hormones within the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system within the body controls the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pineal gland and most importantly, reproductive organs. Because the endocrine system is such an important part of a body’s health, disruptions can cause brain disorders, obesity, cancer and several other health disorders that can affect women more strongly due to insertion and holding process that tampons represent.

It’s important to understand that substances placed inside the body may not undergo the body’s typical elimination and metabolic processes which can allow chemicals from the tampon to be absorbed directly into the body via your bloodstream. This is a great concern due to a group of chemicals called dioxins that can be by-products of the bleaching process involved in tampon manufacturing. Dioxins can be highly toxic and are categorized as a human carcinogen. While the process of bleaching was stopped in the 90s due to dioxin compounds being found in Tampax style brand, there is still a potential dioxin problem that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Understand that the tissues in the genital area are highly delicate and need to be treated with kindness and care. When you use kaliboxes or a real organic tampon period box, you’re able to avoid the potential unpleasant problems that are associated with Tampax type brand tampons. With organic tampons, you can rest easy knowing that your tampon has been created without potentially harmful ingredients such rayon, fragrances, deodorants, synthetic zeolites and other problem ingredients that could have a harmful effect on your health.

Innovation and attention to female genital health are at the heart of 100 percent cotton tampons products that seek to ensure that a female consumer has the best and healthiest tampons to meet their needs with each and every use. These specialized and carefully chosen organic brands have all of the absorbencies of Tampax style tampons without all the question marks left behind. You owe it to yourself to try organic today.

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