Are Organic Tampons Good?

Statistics estimate we can use as much as 9,000 tampons in our lifetimes. This can seem like an exaggeration but if you do the math, four tampons for six days, twelve months a year for thirty years is 8,640 tampons. So It’s quite important choosing the right tampon as it being something that regularly comes into contact with delicate tissues of the body. Tampons that are organic can be a good choice to make, as they are chemical free and only made from 100% organic cotton.

The majority of tampons sold today contain chemicals composing of materials like rayon and cotton blends or just rayon. Organic tampons may seem the same as other tampons but they’re made with an organic wad of absorbent material that may be better health-wise. Instead of using chemical filled products you can use 100% certified organic cotton tampons, that don’t contain any synthetic materials like rayon or chemical additives, plus non-chlorine bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes used as a bleach and hasn’t been found to create dioxins. A dioxin is a heterocyclic hydrocarbon carcinogen that are toxic environmental pollutants. Non-organic tampons have been known to produce dioxins. Organics eliminate the use of chlorine bleach and all the chemicals needed to grow non-organic cotton. This helps improve your health as well as the environment.

One of the most effective organic tampon brands on the market are tampons made organically by Kali, LLC. Kali produces 100 percent cotton tampons that are certified organic, chemical free, hypoallergenic. Featuring an absorbent core that prevents fiber shredding and allows a softer extraction. Never containing any synthetics, or dyes and made of biodegradable cardboard applicators. Kali tampons expand sideways, giving you comfort and improved absorption. Kali tampons containing sustainably and ethically sourced cotton. Offering chemical-free, 100% Organic feminine essentials every month in their Kaliboxes.

Kaliboxes are available with a box service subscription delivering chemical-free, all natural organic feminine essentials and tampons shipped to your door. You can decide how often boxes arrive, between every month or every other month, helping you not worry about running out. Several customized chemical-free tampon and even pad choices are available for your period box fitting individual menstrual needs. You can pick from different absorbency sizes such as regular, super, half regular, and half super. Change what comes in your box with a few clicks, customize delivery schedule, and ability to pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Each Kali period box contains fourteen tampons or pads, ten individually wrapped kali wipes, ten organic thong panty liners, and one choice of a pampering product.

Organic tampons are not only a smart choice for your body but the environment too, removing the use of many unnecessary chemicals making them a good decision when purchasing tampons.

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