Antibiotic Resistance Is Becoming A Problem

You probably know by now that taking antibiotics when you don’t need to may decrease its efficacy over time, and it could lead to having to ingest more powerful drugs for something that was once easily treatable. It’s called antibiotic resistance, and it’s the reason certain STDs are morphing into different strains that are not so easily treatable.

A new study published in the American Journal of Infection Control revealed that over 75% of people who have tested negative for STDs were given antibiotics as treatment anyway.

Over the course of two months, 1,103 emergency room patients were evaluated. The study discovered ER doctors would give patients complaining of STD-like symptoms antibiotics right away, instead of waiting until after test results come back. This means someone who was incorrectly prescribed antibiotics is now back out in the world and possibly infecting other people. What’s even more horrifying is that when docs did hold off until test results came back, only 7% untreated patients actually tested positive for an STD…

When things aren’t feeling right down there, head to your gynecologist ASAP. I’m well aware that making an appointment isn’t always the easiest or most convenient, but your gyno is the best person to test you. He or she will be best able to tell if you’re experiencing inflammation of the cervix or cervical motion tenderness, both of which are likely to be associated with positive gonorrhea and/or chlamydia diagnoses.

Bottom line: Don’t go to the ER when your lady parts feel off. Head to your trusted gynecologist, instead.

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