Access To Birth Control In California

California babes rejoiced last week when they read they can now procure birth control without a doctor’s prescription. This includes self-administered hormonal birth control, which means pills, patches, injections and vaginal rings. IUDs, on the other hand, will require a doctor’s visit, as will any other form of birth control that involves insertion by doctor. All a woman (of any age!) has to do is walk into the pharmacy and fill out a questionnaire, have a blood pressure test run. This is not some cotton organic tampon article. This is serious.

Washington and Washington, D.C. are the only two other states that have made access to birth control this simple. While that means only three out of fifty states have this option, it also means that our voices are being heard.

Think of how wonderful it must be to simply walk into a pharmacy and obtain your prescription without having to book an appointment in advance with your doc. It would eliminate any co-pay you’d have to shell out for the sole purpose of getting that script, along with sitting forever in a cold waiting room.

Well, you can absolutely fight to have this “luxury” in your state.

Speaking up, writing letters to your governor, posting related articles to raise awareness and help make the topic go viral, and getting a discussion going is what creates change.

We cannot rely on others to constantly be fighting for us. And while you might be a bit frustrated if you live in a state where this sort of thing seems like it’s a million years away from happening, that doesn’t mean you cannot enact change. You can post those articles you see on topics you want to have changed and help them go viral. You can write emails and letters to your governors and congress. AND WHEN THE TIME COMES TO VOTE, YOU MOST CERTAINLY NEED TO VOTE.

Every woman having access to birth control in this country is the ultimate goal, and we are already well on our way. Hey, who knows? Maybe someday we’ll even have equal pay in this country (insert major eye-roll here)!

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