5 Ways To Stay Fresh And How Organic Tampons Can Help

Many women yearn to stay fresh but don’t like the side effects associated with most feminine hygiene products. Women have complained about rashes, irritation, and red skin with the use of many big name feminine care products in an effort to stay fresh. Few women are familiar with the benefit of all-natural products because organic feminine products are new to the industry. For additional help, a teen period advice expert can help your teen daughter with their first period and learn how to stay fresh, properly use organic cotton pads, or tampons which are available in an easy to use subscription box from Kalibox.

5 Ways For Women To Stay Fresh

#1 Wash Regularly.

It is very important that women wash regularly and at least twice a day during your period. The type of soap you use can also affect your chemical balance. In fact, wearing tight jeans, yoga pants, or tight underwear is also a reason for women to wash regularly. This can cause a yeast infection that can result in vaginal itching and odor. Heavy menstrual cycles are another reason to wash regularly and consult with physician or OBGYN to discuss if using a douche to stay clean is right for you.

#2 Stay Dry.

Moisture for all women can spell bacteria which can lead to a yeast infection. After showering you should make an effort to dry your vagina thoroughly and after activities like swimming. Furthermore, the type of underwear you wear can also help you stay dry. Cotton underwear is proven to absorb 85% of all feminine moisture.

#3 Balance Your Diet.

You can balance your diet to help your female ph balance to stay fresh. Do you know what foods help Lady V stay fresh? Studies suggest cranberries, avocados, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and garlic are all good all-natural food resources to help women stay fresh.

#4 Use Organic Feminine Products.

Newly introduced organic cotton pads and tampons are guaranteed to keep you dry and fresh with no chlorine or sulfate in their products. If you decide your child can use tampons during their first period, many health websites can provide more information. The Kaliboxes period subscription box is a pre-packaged menstrual cycle monthly kit that includes chemical-free ingredients, sanitary pads, and feminine wash to keep you fresh before and during your menstrual cycle. A teen period advice can discuss the benefits of organic feminine hygiene products.

#5 Talk To Your OBGYN.

A gynecologist can suggest ways for adults and teen girls to stay fresh, what products to eat, and how to balance your diet to increase your vaginal health. They also have advice on how to stay fresh with a heavy flow. Talking about your period for the first time can be a sensitive subject and talking to an expert beforehand or during the beginning of their initial period for additional support.

Staying fresh determines a large part of your self-esteem and interacting with the public. Not being fresh throughout the day is not an option. Your feminine personal hygiene remains very important for all women. In fact, some sexually transmitted diseases can affect your vaginal health, can create an odor, and should be treated immediately. Chlamydia is one such disease which can cause a horrible odor. You’re invited to visit many health websites to get more details on how to stay fresh and new menstrual monthly subscription boxes from Kaliboxes.

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