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100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons Calls Them ``The Chicest Tampons Ever``

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Kali is a box for girls in the know.
Better feminine essentials every month.

Kali is a subscription box for girls in the know. But Kali is much more than just another subscription box. Kali is a movement creating awareness about what we are putting in our bodies as women, and the reasons why choosing organic tampons and products is essential.


You’re busy. You’re on the run. You never have a tampon when you really need one.
At Kali, we want to make shopping for your monthly essentials as simple as possible.

$19.95 + shipping

1. Choose Your Box

1. Choose Your Box

Choose your desired absorbency: All Regular, All Super, or Half + Half. Need more options? Let’s talk about it.

2. Delivery each month

2. Delivery each month

Boxes process and ship on the 20th of the month, ensuring your box always arrives by the 1st of the month.  Pause or change your subscription anytime.

3. Bask in all Your Tampon Glory

3. Bask in all Your Tampon Glory

You’re like, really pretty.

Kali Tampons are 100% Certified Organic Cotton and Biodegradable.

Organic Cotton is free from Chlorine Bleach often found in traditional tampons and feminine hygiene products. Byproducts created from these processes, specifically dioxin, is a known carcinogen. Biodegradable tampons mean that our tampons don’t fill up landfills or pollute the planet, like the billions of pads, liners, and applicators that are disposed of every year.

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Each box contains


14 Certified Organic Tampons

Kali Tampons are made from organic cotton and are free from synthetic fibers, chemicals, chlorine bleach, and pesticides.


Natural Kali Wipettes

Designed to keep you feelin’ fresh during your period, use the pre-moistened, individually packaged Wipette anywhere on your body. Yes, even there…and there.

Coconut Sugar Scrub

This Month’s Product

Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub to leave you feelin’ silky smooth. We’ll rotate this period-pampering product every month. It will always be all natural and all awesome.


You have the right to know what you put in your body.

While the FDA regulates the feminine hygiene industry, big box manufacturers are not required to share their entire list of ingredients. That means the tampons that you’ve been using for the past decade might contain some scary stuff.


$1 from every box, every month, forever…and ever.

Every month, you are making a difference, and you didn’t even have to leave the house. As our membership grows, so does our monthly impact. More and more women are choosing to shop with purpose, will you?